Saturday, August 13, 2011


Been sometime since I posted about Nattu. She is one witty girl whose response time to things is in microseconds. We at times think... 'How does she come up with such responses'. Here are a few instances

Scene 1:

I cut watermelon and give a wedge to her.

Nattu: What should you tell me amma
Me: (thinking 'shouldn't she be the one telling me thank you'): what should I tell you
Nattu: you should tell me 'enjoy your watermelon nattu'
Me ???

Scene 2:

I do something for nattu which makes her so happy..

Nattu: you are the second best mommy in this whole world
Me: (feeling jealous and sad) who is the first best then?
Nattu: Oh! that would be your mommy
Me: (no arguing on that point)


Scene 3:

Nattu did not want to go to school one day. Since she had not missed even one day of school this year I tell her: 'Only three more weeks of school. You will get a certificate on the last day for perfect attendance.'
Nattu(crying hard): 'All we will do is to hang the certificate on the wall. What am I going to gain from that?'
Me: ???


Scene 4:

I pick Nattu and her friend A from daycare and come home. I go upstairs and change into my regular pajamas. Nattu sees me coming down the stairs and comments to A: My mom is hot.
A who is couple of years older than Nattu tells her: Thats a bad word, you should not use it.
Nattu to me: I am sorry amma, I didn't mean it.
Me: ???

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Why.. it so hard for you to appreciate but easy to find fault. it ok for you to talk to your mom everyday but is not OK for me to talk to my parents. your job more important and mine has no value.
..should I always be the one to bend my schedule to match yours. anything to do with kitchen work is my job and yours is only to eat what is dished out from there. any talk on equal rights from me is blamed on the blogs I read.
..should you shy away from holding hands in public or any PDA because you don't want others to see you and you are living in USA. talking to my BFF bothers you so much. my mind so muddled when I think about our future.