Friday, July 15, 2016

Happiness Post #9

I know it has been a month since I posted last.  Wanted to capture a few things that made me happy yesterday.  I took the day off to be with my kids.  Summer vacations are coming to an end shortly and I wanted to take a day off and just be with them.  Weekends are filled with chores and getting ready for the following week that even the few hours I spend with them seem less.

1. The surprise on their faces when they came to know I have taken the day off.  ( I did not tell them before.  So when they woke up and saw me at home they were super happy)
2. Good workout before the kids woke up.  Was happy to get it out of the way before their day started :-)
3. Leisure walking around the mall without any agenda. Lunch at food court. Got a couple of t-shirts/tops for them in sale. Made me super happy to see good sale prices.
4.  Sonu was super happy to get Nike socks on sale. He has never seen such low prices ever before.  His excitement made me happy.
5.  Went to the pool with the kids in the evening.  Did not get in as I was still tired from my morning workout.  Made Sonu swim laps.  While winding up, I made him do two more laps.  He started doing free style.  For every breath he took, he was giving me a flying kiss.  He could not see that I was watching him since his face was in water.  But I was watching the whole lap.  At the end of the pool, when he stopped and turned around, he saw the huge smile on my face.  He thought I was not looking at him.  He asked me why I was smiling.  I told him, 'you know why I am smiling'.  He was super happy that I had paid attention.  We never spoke about it explicitly but he knew I noticed.  That gesture of his made my day.  Wanted to capture it here.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Happiness Post #8

1. My brother pinged me on Whatsapp asking details of an event that happened in my nephew's life 10 years ago.  He could not recollect all the details.  It took me a couple of minutes to recollect the event and give him details on it.  I was not in the country during the occasion and only had information that was shared by my mom.  It made me happy to help him out.  Kinda funny too that the family relies on my memory to recollect incidents for them.
2. Went for an hour walk.  Made me happy.
3. G bought samosa from Indian store.  Indulged in my weakness.  Guilty pleasure.
4. Sorted our Nattu and Sonu's closet with them.  They were mad but I was happy with the spring cleaning.
5. Cut vegetables for the week.  Made a mental note of the items I am going to make for the week.  Made me happy to get this out of the way.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Another Milestone

Today Nattu had her elementary school graduation ceremony.  She looked elegant in the dress she had bought, hair let loose like she always does on special occasions, matching accessories picked to go with the outfit all in their respective places.  Sonu’s school starts an hour into the ceremony and he wanted to come too. Initially I resisted, then gave in.  Off the three of us drove to her school.  She rushed to join her classmates while Sonu and I went to the cafeteria where the ceremony was to take place.   

Sharp at 8, the kids started their ceremonial walk and took their place on the dais. Nattu walked in gracefully, a little conscious since all eyes in the room were on her and took her assigned spot.  My heart was filled with pride and emotions that my eyes welled up looking at her.  Sonu was playing with a piece of paper and having a good time looking at everyone.  I held his hands tightly.  He looked at me and saw the tears in my eyes.  He tightened his grip and asked me not to cry.  He knows I get emotional when I see them perform or when they are having such ceremonies.  I typed on my phone that I am happy he was there with me.  I missed G a lot.  He was traveling and could not work from home this week. 

The ceremony proceeded with principal’s speech, all kids called out to get their certificates and finally a slide show of the kids with their baby pictures and their current school picture. The kids walked out in order from the cafeteria.  Sonu and I left so I could drop him at his school and I can get to work.  On the way to his school, I told Sonu, ‘I don’t know why I get so emotional during these ceremonies.  I had tears during your graduation ceremony too’.  Sony replied ‘that’s because your babies are growing up’.  He had said the right thing. 

My babies are indeed growing up.  I am now a mom with two kids in middle school.  Wow!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Happiness Post #7

1. Nattu is graduating out of elementary school.  Cannot believe my little one is all grown up and leaving elementary school.  She wanted to get a new dress for graduation.  She had already researched on what to get from the mall.  I told her let is look at bargain stores and if we don't get any good one, then will go the mall.  We had so much fun shopping together.  I picked outfits for her that I liked and picked some for myself too.  Went to fitting room and tried it on.  It was fun coming out of our individual changing rooms with the outfit and exchanging opinions.  She looked good in the ones I picked for her.  She got two outfits.  I let her keep the second one only because it is her birthday next week.  Seeing her happy with the turn of events made me happy.
2. Went to temple after a long time.  Made me happy
3.  A friend of mine just bought a house.  This friend has gone through a realty rough phase in life and this milestone made me feel happy.
4. Tried a new recipe.  Turned out ok.  Now know how to improvise the next time.  But getting a low calorie version of the recipe at home made me happy.
5. A bird has chosen our house porch to build its nest.  Looking at it reminded me of my home back in India where sparrows used to build nest in the roof.  We used to switch off the fan when we saw the parents coming through the window.  The chirping of the little ones was cherished and sometimes we would find young birds trying to fly and fall off the nest.  We would feed them water with spoon.  The parents would come by later and take them away to the nest or teach them how to fly.  I was telling all these stories to Sonu and Nattu. 

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Happiness Post #6

I had a hectic weekend taking a toll physically and emotionally.  Since we are focusing only on the positives here it is:

1.  Sonu has been asking for a cellphone with a separate number for the past one month.  I could not figure out why a 6th grade boy needs a phone.  I refused.  But G could not say no to him.  G did not want to against my choice either and take a decision and stick to it.  The boy could sway G but got stuck with G waiting for my approval.  I looked like a villain in the whole scenario. It reached a crescendo this past weekend.  Too many arguments, tears, banging doors.  I finally did some research, spoke to a few friends and came to a decision that he is not ready for a phone with a number.  He already has our old phone which he uses for texting and one that works only when there is wi-fi.  I could talk him through what I had in mind and convinced him that he does not need a line.  Also got him a refurbished phone to replace his ratty one.  It was a battle won which made both of us happy.
2.  Helped sonu finish his project.  Has come out well.  Finishing touches remaining.
3. Long chat with BFF.  Always makes me happy.
4. Singing out loud while driving listening to DDLJ songs. 
5. Had a stress free day with kids.  Always a winner when there are no frictions.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Happiness Post #5

1. Saw a video forward from a friend where it said that we should not give others control over our happiness.  That made a click in me somewhere and I suddenly became happy.  That stayed throughout the day
2. Aloo paratha for dinner.  Kids double happy to have it for dinner and for school lunch
3. Made Nattu practice for annual day dance.  Dancing always makes me happy
4. Plans made for tonight with girlfriends to go out for my birthday dinner. 
5. Talked to airport lost and found folks to get information.  Was surprised to note the ease with which I handled the situation.  Usually I get super tensed when I talk on phone to discuss issues.  But was cool as cucumber over the phone.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Happiness Post #4

1. A close friend of mine just started dating an awesome guy.  She has gone through quite a bit in her previous marriage so this guy is just unbelievable.  I am so happy for her and sharing her happiness makes me even more happy.  Praying and wishing only the best for her.
2. Went out to buy project materials for Sonu.  He has to produce evidence of purchase since the project cannot exceed $20.  It was challenging and fun to buy materials within budget.  Felt happy when we got what we wanted.
3. Made paneer paratha for kids lunch box.  Was a surprise for them and seeing their happy face in the evening made me happy.
4. The lawn was mowed and cleaned.  Made me happy to see a clean front yard.
5. Looking at my parents photos. One taken 50 years back and one taken recently.  Showed it to kids too.  They could not believe their grandparents looked like that in their younger days.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Happiness Post #3

1. 5 mile walk/run. 10,000 steps achieved.  Really happy to get started.  Have a long way to go
2. Quick dinner prep work.  I am always happy to spend as less time in the kitchen on week days
3. Long chat with Nattu on the puberty topic that her school covered yesterday.  Answered some questions.  Happy that she wanted to share everything with me.  She is working on becoming my friend now a days.  Happy for that thought.
4. Sonu planning to buy earrings for Nattu for her birthday.  His school has a project where they have to create products and sell it to make most profit.  He is making candle holder.  The kids had to get their prototype approved from teachers and the project is due next week. Another friend of his had made earrings with Harry Potter theme.  He said he will buy them for Nattu for her bday.  I was happy he thought of her and wanted to get something for her.
5. My parent's 50th Wedding Anniversary!  Happy to call them and wish them on their milestone. 

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Happiness Post #2

1. Nattu's birthday card for me.  That girl had written a personal note in the card that made me very happy.
2. Sonu's tight hug to wish me.  He made sure he gave me special attention.
3. Accessories that I bought on sale.
4. Clean house.  Cleaned it after a few weeks due to hectic schedule.  Clean bathrooms, organized closet all made me very happy
5. Wishes and calls from the ones who care about me.  Made me happy.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Happiness Post #1

I am writing after a loooooooong time. A lot has happened in my life in the past few years that has completely changed how life used to be for me. I was thrown into fire and I am still coming out of it. Got burnt, was broken to pieces and I had no clue how to put my life back in place. I like the comfort zone but there was none. It was hard not to have anyone to fall back on.
I am still recovering and don't want all this feeling masking the moments of happiness I get everyday. It is mostly because of Nattu and Sonu. Wanted to capture some moments that made me happy today.
1. Nattu calls me everyday after reaching home from school. In her call today, she was talking to me in a sing-song voice. I had kept guacamole for her lunch and she sang a song on guacamole that she learnt at school. She was in a cheerful mood and that reflected in her voice. I had a smile throughout the call. At the end she said 'now that I have entertained you enough, I will put the phone down. See you in the evening'. I could not control my laughter. She does bring a lot of cheer in my life.
2. When I reached home in the evening, Sonu came and gave me a tight hug. That was wonderful.
3. Both of them got ready for their swim class with minimum prompting.
4. Recalled some pranks that they did when they were small. They laughed so much. It filled my heart with joy.
5. Nattu enjoyed her dinner and appreciated it. Made me happy.