Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Happiness Post #3

1. 5 mile walk/run. 10,000 steps achieved.  Really happy to get started.  Have a long way to go
2. Quick dinner prep work.  I am always happy to spend as less time in the kitchen on week days
3. Long chat with Nattu on the puberty topic that her school covered yesterday.  Answered some questions.  Happy that she wanted to share everything with me.  She is working on becoming my friend now a days.  Happy for that thought.
4. Sonu planning to buy earrings for Nattu for her birthday.  His school has a project where they have to create products and sell it to make most profit.  He is making candle holder.  The kids had to get their prototype approved from teachers and the project is due next week. Another friend of his had made earrings with Harry Potter theme.  He said he will buy them for Nattu for her bday.  I was happy he thought of her and wanted to get something for her.
5. My parent's 50th Wedding Anniversary!  Happy to call them and wish them on their milestone. 

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