Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Happiness Post #7

1. Nattu is graduating out of elementary school.  Cannot believe my little one is all grown up and leaving elementary school.  She wanted to get a new dress for graduation.  She had already researched on what to get from the mall.  I told her let is look at bargain stores and if we don't get any good one, then will go the mall.  We had so much fun shopping together.  I picked outfits for her that I liked and picked some for myself too.  Went to fitting room and tried it on.  It was fun coming out of our individual changing rooms with the outfit and exchanging opinions.  She looked good in the ones I picked for her.  She got two outfits.  I let her keep the second one only because it is her birthday next week.  Seeing her happy with the turn of events made me happy.
2. Went to temple after a long time.  Made me happy
3.  A friend of mine just bought a house.  This friend has gone through a realty rough phase in life and this milestone made me feel happy.
4. Tried a new recipe.  Turned out ok.  Now know how to improvise the next time.  But getting a low calorie version of the recipe at home made me happy.
5. A bird has chosen our house porch to build its nest.  Looking at it reminded me of my home back in India where sparrows used to build nest in the roof.  We used to switch off the fan when we saw the parents coming through the window.  The chirping of the little ones was cherished and sometimes we would find young birds trying to fly and fall off the nest.  We would feed them water with spoon.  The parents would come by later and take them away to the nest or teach them how to fly.  I was telling all these stories to Sonu and Nattu. 

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