Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Another Milestone

Today Nattu had her elementary school graduation ceremony.  She looked elegant in the dress she had bought, hair let loose like she always does on special occasions, matching accessories picked to go with the outfit all in their respective places.  Sonu’s school starts an hour into the ceremony and he wanted to come too. Initially I resisted, then gave in.  Off the three of us drove to her school.  She rushed to join her classmates while Sonu and I went to the cafeteria where the ceremony was to take place.   

Sharp at 8, the kids started their ceremonial walk and took their place on the dais. Nattu walked in gracefully, a little conscious since all eyes in the room were on her and took her assigned spot.  My heart was filled with pride and emotions that my eyes welled up looking at her.  Sonu was playing with a piece of paper and having a good time looking at everyone.  I held his hands tightly.  He looked at me and saw the tears in my eyes.  He tightened his grip and asked me not to cry.  He knows I get emotional when I see them perform or when they are having such ceremonies.  I typed on my phone that I am happy he was there with me.  I missed G a lot.  He was traveling and could not work from home this week. 

The ceremony proceeded with principal’s speech, all kids called out to get their certificates and finally a slide show of the kids with their baby pictures and their current school picture. The kids walked out in order from the cafeteria.  Sonu and I left so I could drop him at his school and I can get to work.  On the way to his school, I told Sonu, ‘I don’t know why I get so emotional during these ceremonies.  I had tears during your graduation ceremony too’.  Sony replied ‘that’s because your babies are growing up’.  He had said the right thing. 

My babies are indeed growing up.  I am now a mom with two kids in middle school.  Wow!

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