Friday, May 6, 2016

Happiness Post #1

I am writing after a loooooooong time. A lot has happened in my life in the past few years that has completely changed how life used to be for me. I was thrown into fire and I am still coming out of it. Got burnt, was broken to pieces and I had no clue how to put my life back in place. I like the comfort zone but there was none. It was hard not to have anyone to fall back on.
I am still recovering and don't want all this feeling masking the moments of happiness I get everyday. It is mostly because of Nattu and Sonu. Wanted to capture some moments that made me happy today.
1. Nattu calls me everyday after reaching home from school. In her call today, she was talking to me in a sing-song voice. I had kept guacamole for her lunch and she sang a song on guacamole that she learnt at school. She was in a cheerful mood and that reflected in her voice. I had a smile throughout the call. At the end she said 'now that I have entertained you enough, I will put the phone down. See you in the evening'. I could not control my laughter. She does bring a lot of cheer in my life.
2. When I reached home in the evening, Sonu came and gave me a tight hug. That was wonderful.
3. Both of them got ready for their swim class with minimum prompting.
4. Recalled some pranks that they did when they were small. They laughed so much. It filled my heart with joy.
5. Nattu enjoyed her dinner and appreciated it. Made me happy.

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