Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Happiness Post #6

I had a hectic weekend taking a toll physically and emotionally.  Since we are focusing only on the positives here it is:

1.  Sonu has been asking for a cellphone with a separate number for the past one month.  I could not figure out why a 6th grade boy needs a phone.  I refused.  But G could not say no to him.  G did not want to against my choice either and take a decision and stick to it.  The boy could sway G but got stuck with G waiting for my approval.  I looked like a villain in the whole scenario. It reached a crescendo this past weekend.  Too many arguments, tears, banging doors.  I finally did some research, spoke to a few friends and came to a decision that he is not ready for a phone with a number.  He already has our old phone which he uses for texting and one that works only when there is wi-fi.  I could talk him through what I had in mind and convinced him that he does not need a line.  Also got him a refurbished phone to replace his ratty one.  It was a battle won which made both of us happy.
2.  Helped sonu finish his project.  Has come out well.  Finishing touches remaining.
3. Long chat with BFF.  Always makes me happy.
4. Singing out loud while driving listening to DDLJ songs. 
5. Had a stress free day with kids.  Always a winner when there are no frictions.

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