Thursday, May 12, 2016

Happiness Post #4

1. A close friend of mine just started dating an awesome guy.  She has gone through quite a bit in her previous marriage so this guy is just unbelievable.  I am so happy for her and sharing her happiness makes me even more happy.  Praying and wishing only the best for her.
2. Went out to buy project materials for Sonu.  He has to produce evidence of purchase since the project cannot exceed $20.  It was challenging and fun to buy materials within budget.  Felt happy when we got what we wanted.
3. Made paneer paratha for kids lunch box.  Was a surprise for them and seeing their happy face in the evening made me happy.
4. The lawn was mowed and cleaned.  Made me happy to see a clean front yard.
5. Looking at my parents photos. One taken 50 years back and one taken recently.  Showed it to kids too.  They could not believe their grandparents looked like that in their younger days.

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