Thursday, March 25, 2010

A song for every word

My dad is a big fan of old hindi songs. He sings songs appropriate for everyday situations changing words here and there to suit the moment. Everytime the door bell rang he would start off 'kaun aayaa mere ghar ke dwar pe...'. My brother and I picked up this habit and sing songs picking words out of everyday conversation. I continue to do this even after marriage and kids. I keep humming songs when I am cooking, cleaning, bathing. I do what my dad does, pick up everyday conversation and break into a song.. When my kids ask 'Who is it' - I break into the MJ song 'Who is it'. Sometimes they are amused and other times they are irritated that I am not answering their question.

Sonu has always been a chubby big kid. I stopped carrying him when he turned 5 because my back hurt everytime I tried to. I snuggle with him in the sofa or bed but don't lift him. Even when he falls asleep, I gently wake him up and walk him to his bed. I lift Nattu at times, she being a petite little girl and carrying her does not throw my back off. Sonu, one day saw me lift her and wanted me to lift him too. I said 'you know I don't lift you because I get back ache if I do'. He started off Adnan Sami's song 'thodi si tho lift karade...Mujhko bhi to lift karade..'.

Nattu is interested in drawing and coloring. She made a beautiful painting one day and I told her 'Nanna color panni irukkiye (you have done a good job)' and she goes off 'nanna re nanna re nanna re na na re'

I ask Sonu to show his tongue (nakku) as part of his brushing routine and he sings 'nakka mukka nakka, oh shakalaka, oh randakka'

I think I have passed on the genes on this one quite successfully.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Appane Muruga

When I was a kid, I used to say 'ayyo' a lot. When something unexpected happened, if I dropped something, banged my knee or arm accidentally, even after sneezing, it was always followed by an 'ayyo' from me. My grandma, being the conservative orthodox lady she was, used to get very mad everytime I said 'ayyo'. She used to say 'vayila nalla varthaye varatha unakku?' (why don't you say something nice?). I was very fond of Lord Muruga (Karthikeya) at that time, so started substituting 'Muruga' for 'ayyo'. This habit has stayed with me and even now I say Muruga for every little thing.

Both Sonu and Nattu are interested in mythological stories. They get so excited and have so many questions while listening to such stories. They are always figuring out which name belongs to which god and relationship between gods.

After finishing all morning activities one Sunday morning, I sat down with a sigh and said 'Muruga'. Nattu sitting next to me asks: 'why did you say Muruga?'

I wanted to quiz on her knowledge about Gods, so I ask her: 'do you know who Muruga is?'

Nattu, thinking for sometime says: 'its the karam (spicy) thing you put in food'.

I LOL and tell her 'thats molagai (chillies). I said Muruga'.

Nattu (eyes brightening): 'Oh! Muruga. He is the one who says 'Narayana Narayana'.

I am ROFL at this point: 'thats Narada not Muruga.... Don't you know who Muruga is?'

Nattu, not happy to see me giggling like a lunatic, says: 'I am just a small girl. How would I know who Muruga is?'

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Yaam petra inbam...

Nattu was down with cold, cough and fever one night. She slept in my room as I wanted to check on her periodically. Sonu also came to our room in the middle of the night. When I realised that he was sleeping next to her, I pushed him aside and slept in the middle.

Nattu continued to have temperature the next morning so I told her that she is not going to school that day.

She cried a lot and asked 'then why is Anna going?'.

Me: 'Thats because he does not have cold or fever'.

Nattu: 'but I coughed three times on his face last night'

Monday, March 15, 2010

New definition?

Was kneading chapathi dough for dinner. Nattu, who was looking at the dough preparation technique asks 'amma, use the egg beater to make chapathi. Don't use hands. '

Me: 'Egg beater is used for liquids and not for making chapathi dough'

Nattu: 'But you can still use the egg beater amma'

This gets me thinking 'Does she know what the word liquid means?' I ask aloud 'Do you know whats the meaning of liquid?'

Nattu: (confidently) 'Liquid is something you lick'

Witty Nattu

Nattu, who turns 5 in May, comes up with unexpected repartees. We were having dinner at an Indian joint the other day. G went for the buffet while I ordered chat items for the rest of us. A small masal dosa and roti comes as part of buffet. These two items are prepared fresh and brought to the table by the waiter. G started eating his buffet items when the dosa and roti was served at our table after 10 mins.

Nattu was perplexed when she saw the dosa and roti served in the middle of our eating.

She asks me 'mommy, did you order dosa?'

I tell her that it is for appa and comes as part of his buffet.

Nattu: 'but appa is already eating his food(buffet). Did he order the dosa because he wants to become more fat?'

G did not touch the dosa that night.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Hello World

I have been thinking of writing a blog myself for quite sometime but had my doubts if I would be able to. Well, I would never know till I start one. So here I am trying my hand on keeping one. This blog will be about my life,my kids - 'sonu' and 'nattu', and my world spinning around them.