Thursday, March 25, 2010

A song for every word

My dad is a big fan of old hindi songs. He sings songs appropriate for everyday situations changing words here and there to suit the moment. Everytime the door bell rang he would start off 'kaun aayaa mere ghar ke dwar pe...'. My brother and I picked up this habit and sing songs picking words out of everyday conversation. I continue to do this even after marriage and kids. I keep humming songs when I am cooking, cleaning, bathing. I do what my dad does, pick up everyday conversation and break into a song.. When my kids ask 'Who is it' - I break into the MJ song 'Who is it'. Sometimes they are amused and other times they are irritated that I am not answering their question.

Sonu has always been a chubby big kid. I stopped carrying him when he turned 5 because my back hurt everytime I tried to. I snuggle with him in the sofa or bed but don't lift him. Even when he falls asleep, I gently wake him up and walk him to his bed. I lift Nattu at times, she being a petite little girl and carrying her does not throw my back off. Sonu, one day saw me lift her and wanted me to lift him too. I said 'you know I don't lift you because I get back ache if I do'. He started off Adnan Sami's song 'thodi si tho lift karade...Mujhko bhi to lift karade..'.

Nattu is interested in drawing and coloring. She made a beautiful painting one day and I told her 'Nanna color panni irukkiye (you have done a good job)' and she goes off 'nanna re nanna re nanna re na na re'

I ask Sonu to show his tongue (nakku) as part of his brushing routine and he sings 'nakka mukka nakka, oh shakalaka, oh randakka'

I think I have passed on the genes on this one quite successfully.


  1. How interesting! How old are your kids? I should more in your profile now. First time I saw your comment in my blog and came here to visit your site. I enjoyed this post a lot. You speak Hindi and Tamil? What a nice tradition you have passed on - to be able to break into music over every day things - such a joyous thing - can help break the monotony of every day routines and put humor into it. I wish I could do that...

  2. Thanks noon for your comment. I have be an regualr at your blog and have commented couple of times. Love your blog and your writing style. This blog of mine is a feeble attempt to put on record some of the memories of my kids. Sonu will turn 6 this month and Nattu will be 5 in May. They are just a year apart. We speak tamil at home but my love for hindi songs have caught on with both of them that they break into songs with everyday words.

  3. blogger ate my comment :( Well, what I said earlier was it is so sweet that you're kids have picked this up :) It's such a blessing to be able to draw on music in some way on a daily basis! And in two languages no less :)

  4. That's funny - him singing lift karade and nakka mukka at the mention of nakku :D
    Sharp associations and quite witty too :)

  5. Totally identify with you on this

    My dad used to sing Hindi songs to suit the occasion - and I sing Hindi/Tamil/Englees songs all the time based on mood/situation (much to the irritation of hubby who is unable to appreciate my sweet (nah !) voice)

    Now Bunnu (my son) does this too - so its 2:1 at home - joy for us and jeers for hubby :-)

    And what's with boys and Nakka Mukka - Bunnu had a phase where he used to drink milk only if this song's Sahikkamudiyadha video was played