Monday, March 15, 2010

New definition?

Was kneading chapathi dough for dinner. Nattu, who was looking at the dough preparation technique asks 'amma, use the egg beater to make chapathi. Don't use hands. '

Me: 'Egg beater is used for liquids and not for making chapathi dough'

Nattu: 'But you can still use the egg beater amma'

This gets me thinking 'Does she know what the word liquid means?' I ask aloud 'Do you know whats the meaning of liquid?'

Nattu: (confidently) 'Liquid is something you lick'


  1. Nice blog you've got here! Do keep writing. Nattu's definitely a funny gal to be around! Adorable anecdotes :)

  2. LOL!! What a pat definition! Hope N knows not to lick all liquids :P