Monday, March 15, 2010

Witty Nattu

Nattu, who turns 5 in May, comes up with unexpected repartees. We were having dinner at an Indian joint the other day. G went for the buffet while I ordered chat items for the rest of us. A small masal dosa and roti comes as part of buffet. These two items are prepared fresh and brought to the table by the waiter. G started eating his buffet items when the dosa and roti was served at our table after 10 mins.

Nattu was perplexed when she saw the dosa and roti served in the middle of our eating.

She asks me 'mommy, did you order dosa?'

I tell her that it is for appa and comes as part of his buffet.

Nattu: 'but appa is already eating his food(buffet). Did he order the dosa because he wants to become more fat?'

G did not touch the dosa that night.

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