Saturday, February 25, 2012


Nattu came back from school yesterday and said: Amma my friend told me that I will grow to be a werewolf.
Me: (Surprised) why did she say that.
Nattu: A boy told me that amma. HE said that because I have too much hair on my legs and when I grow up I will have hair all over the body and will look like a werewolf.
Me: (Shocked) A boy told you that
Nattu: Yes it was a boy. Can you remove all the hair from my legs amma.
Me: (very angry by now) You should have told him that its none of his business
Nattu: (in a whining tone)But I still want to remove the hair from my legs amma
Me: Well you cannot be doing everything just because somebody commented on something. Tomorrow somebody will come and say 'why do you have long hair?' then will you cut it off. You have to live life on your terms Nattu not because someone will say something.

Nattu became quiet after I mentioned the long hair part. *moment to preen* Nattu has hair till her waist and is trying to grow till it reaches a little below her butt. She saw my childhood pictures and wanted to grow it that same way I had when I was young. Now that I hardly have any hair and losing it in bunches is not the question here. Everybody appreciates her thick hair and she takes pride in it. So when I told her about her hair she kinda left the topic.

But I was mad that a boy would mentioned this to her looking at her legs. She is in first grade and I did not expect kids of that age to be paying attention to such stuff. It was a warm day yesterday that is why she wore skirt to school.

Came home and told G about this. He said I should have told her she will lose the hair when she grows up. I did not want to say that because that is not the truth.

I never thought I will have to deal with these things at this young age.

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