Saturday, August 13, 2011


Been sometime since I posted about Nattu. She is one witty girl whose response time to things is in microseconds. We at times think... 'How does she come up with such responses'. Here are a few instances

Scene 1:

I cut watermelon and give a wedge to her.

Nattu: What should you tell me amma
Me: (thinking 'shouldn't she be the one telling me thank you'): what should I tell you
Nattu: you should tell me 'enjoy your watermelon nattu'
Me ???

Scene 2:

I do something for nattu which makes her so happy..

Nattu: you are the second best mommy in this whole world
Me: (feeling jealous and sad) who is the first best then?
Nattu: Oh! that would be your mommy
Me: (no arguing on that point)


Scene 3:

Nattu did not want to go to school one day. Since she had not missed even one day of school this year I tell her: 'Only three more weeks of school. You will get a certificate on the last day for perfect attendance.'
Nattu(crying hard): 'All we will do is to hang the certificate on the wall. What am I going to gain from that?'
Me: ???


Scene 4:

I pick Nattu and her friend A from daycare and come home. I go upstairs and change into my regular pajamas. Nattu sees me coming down the stairs and comments to A: My mom is hot.
A who is couple of years older than Nattu tells her: Thats a bad word, you should not use it.
Nattu to me: I am sorry amma, I didn't mean it.
Me: ???


  1. Awesome ones from Nattu! Your mom being no 1 was too much - that she could think of that! Enjoy your water melon! :) Yes, maam! Next time your mom will say the right things OK! :))

  2. She is cute or what!! So the mom must be saying nice things like enjoy doing this/that!! And she thinks her mommy is hot!! Wow! How old is she?

  3. noon: yes. I have to say the right things.

    Vidya: she is 6.