Friday, July 15, 2016

Happiness Post #9

I know it has been a month since I posted last.  Wanted to capture a few things that made me happy yesterday.  I took the day off to be with my kids.  Summer vacations are coming to an end shortly and I wanted to take a day off and just be with them.  Weekends are filled with chores and getting ready for the following week that even the few hours I spend with them seem less.

1. The surprise on their faces when they came to know I have taken the day off.  ( I did not tell them before.  So when they woke up and saw me at home they were super happy)
2. Good workout before the kids woke up.  Was happy to get it out of the way before their day started :-)
3. Leisure walking around the mall without any agenda. Lunch at food court. Got a couple of t-shirts/tops for them in sale. Made me super happy to see good sale prices.
4.  Sonu was super happy to get Nike socks on sale. He has never seen such low prices ever before.  His excitement made me happy.
5.  Went to the pool with the kids in the evening.  Did not get in as I was still tired from my morning workout.  Made Sonu swim laps.  While winding up, I made him do two more laps.  He started doing free style.  For every breath he took, he was giving me a flying kiss.  He could not see that I was watching him since his face was in water.  But I was watching the whole lap.  At the end of the pool, when he stopped and turned around, he saw the huge smile on my face.  He thought I was not looking at him.  He asked me why I was smiling.  I told him, 'you know why I am smiling'.  He was super happy that I had paid attention.  We never spoke about it explicitly but he knew I noticed.  That gesture of his made my day.  Wanted to capture it here.

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