Tuesday, June 27, 2017


So the dreams are back.  The vivid ones where I recall every moment of the dream. Saturday night I had one such dream.  I am in a bus next to a window seat.  My good friend is next to me.  The bus enters an empty parking lot.  It is going pretty slow and I see my dad and mom standing there.  I scream 'Appa' and he looks up to see me in the bus.  I tell my friend 'See there.  My dad is standing there.'  She says 'yes I can see him.'

I reach out my hand through the window and he holds my hand tight.  I keep saying 'appa, appa' and he walks alongside the bus holding my hand really tight.  My mom has a happy face and is waving to me.  The bus then is about the leave the parking lot.  My dad gives me one last squeeze to my hand and lets go.  I keep looking at him till the bus turns around and I don't see him anymore. 

Even in that deep sleep state,  I could feel the squeeze and tightness in my palm.  Felt like he was right there with me.  It felt good to see his face so clear in the dream.  When I mentioned this to my mom, she was happy that she was next to him in the dream. 

I hope he visits me often and makes his presence felt.


  1. He hasn't gone anywhere. He is in you. He is you.

  2. I felt lost after that dream. Missed him a lot. Also felt good that I could feel him squeezing my hand. All mixed emotions. I now pretend he is right next to me and keep talking to him when I feel like it.