Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fun with homework

Sonu has started getting homework and for me its so advanced for first grade. One such homework is where he gets 15 words each week which he has to use in sentence. Getting him to understand the word and then use it appropriately in a sentence takes quite an effort. At times he uses two or more words within the same sentence Sometimes its hilarious the sentences he comes up with.

Some instances are

The word - worried, married. He makes up the following - 'I married a man who worried a lot'.

The words - cried, reason. The sentence - 'I cried for no reason' (he cried for something just before we sat down to do the homework and he put that in context here)

The word - amazing. The sentence he says 'Bald eagles have amazing eye sight.' I am thrilled with his sentence and ask him to write it down and he writes 'Bald eagles have amazing I-sight.' I start giggling. He is puzzled and asks he why I am giggling. I ask him to check the sentence he just wrote. He sees no mistake. I ask him the meaning of sentence. He says 'bald eagles can see all the way from top.' I ask him to check his sentence again. He says he has written it correctly. I ask him 'with what part of you body do you see?' He says 'Eyes' and then looks at his sentence again and realises his mistake and starts giggling too.

Will keep you updated on this.


  1. The "I cried for no reason" - economical word usage at its best !! Clap, clap !!

    More please !!

  2. he is an apple kid,huh? "ISight" :D

    very cute, all of the sentences :-)

  3. Coming in here from Chocolate's. I-sight is too cute:) Just wondering what the little was thinking when writing the other two! It had me in splits!!