Friday, March 3, 2017

Day 3 - Dreams

My dad is out of the hospital and back home.  I am not going to write about him today.  Instead I am going to write about my dreams. 

I do not remember dreams very well the next day but I do have a few recurring ones.   It is always like I am late for exams, I don't remember anything I studied when I look at the question paper,  I am naked in front of friends or family, I fail my exams miserably that others tch tch at me.  Well these are dreams I am familiar with.  Though they do disturb me, I have made peace with them.

For the past three nights I have been having bizarre dreams.  First night in my dream I was walking with my kids and I trip and fall down.  When I get up I notice that one of my front two teeth is not there.  There is no blood or pain, it just came out and I now have a gaping hole where my front tooth should be.  I look for my tooth all around and find it.  I fix it in its place like it is some sort of plug in socket and find out that the tooth is half broken and the other half missing.  I search for the other half but cannot find it.  My kids say that I cannot just fix it in its place, it needs to be fixed with glue else it will come out again.  I take out my phone to look at myself in the selfie mode.  Such vivid picture of the dream.  Felt very uneasy.

The second night in my dream I had just finished cooking dinner.  I notice that the ceiling of the house is sagging down due to excessive water in the attic.  The house does not look like any of the houses I have lived in.  There is no time to pump the water out of the attic and the sagging of the ceiling is dangerously low that it might give in any moment.  I see my brother in the kitchen next to the backyard door and ask him to take the dinner dishes to the patio table (see even in the dream I want to make sure that the dinner doesn’t go waste and I am forced to cook again.  Sigh! Fixing food for family sure drains me).  There is no time for me to join him as the ceiling is sagging between me and the patio door.  I ask the kids to come with me and as we get out of the kitchen the ceiling gives in and collapses.  When I tried to make sense of the dream I couldn’t comprehend how the ceiling was weighing down with all that water like a balloon waiting to burst.  It was so flexible stretching beyond its limit.  Couldn’t figure out what the dream meant to tell me.
Yesterday night dream was even more graphic.  I am driving with my son in the passenger seat.  I see two men standing on the median of the road.  The median is a grass patch not the concrete partition.  One man is scanning the cars for their inmates and as soon as he sees me he walks slowly in front of the car.  I am slowing down for an intersection anyway when I see this man walking in front of me at which point I stop completely.  I see him take out his gun, which is pretty big, and he starts to shoot at me.  He shoots four times and somehow misses hitting us.  I panic and pull my son close to me.  Seeing that the first man ran out of ammunition, the second man draws out his gun which is covered by a fresh baby diaper (don’t know what that means).  I can see why he did that because only I can see the gun while others on the road cannot see the gun as they see only the diaper.  He starts to walk in front of my car to get a good shot at me.  That’s when I woke up with a chill running down my body. I see in my dream that as I was pulling my son closer to me, he was in front of me.  When I went back to sleep, I tried to fix this mistake by pushing him behind me.  Since both of us are wearing seat belts, he is not completely covered by me.  I ask him to get down the leg space beneath him so that the bonnet will cover him from the bullets.  What and all the mind can do to ensure safety of our kids even in a dream and here I am fixing my dream even after waking out of it.

I still don’t get what these dreams mean.  I am pretty sure my mom would ask me to chant Hanuman slokam before bed to keep the dursoppanams away if I told her about these weird dreams.
Could the last one be due to the recent happenings in this country? Is it the after effect of reading too many WhatsApp forwards reiterating the different treatment towards other ethnicity?  Well, have to wait for tonight and I am truly afraid to fall asleep.

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  1. I have noticed that my dreams are as whacky during PMS times.