Sunday, March 5, 2017

Day 5 - Sugarcane Juice

My dad simply loved sugarcane juice. While growing up we never ate out much. Eating out was only at weddings or family functions.  Restaurants were very rare. Maybe when we travelled. Even then idlis and curd rice were duly packed.

There used to be a trade fair put up at island grounds every year. We visited it every year and that was one of the times my dad accompanied us. He would indulge us with cotton candy or roasted corn. The highlight was always sugarcane juice. He would relish every sip of it. The pure joy on his face is forever etched in my mind.

When he visited me here, I got him sugarcane juice at the farmers market and that made him super happy to know that he can get it here too. Every time we went to the farmers market, he would start the shopping only after his fix of cane juice.

Now that he is able to drink only liquids and super weak, I wanted him to have his favorite drink. Asked my brother to get it from local shop and give it.  He was able to do it today and sent me a video of my dad having it. He was having such a hard time holding his head steady and taking sips from the tumbler. But when asked how it was he showed super sign with his fingers. Don't know if he knew he was drinking cane juice but I was happy to that my wish got fulfilled.

His health has deteriorated so much since the last one month. I met him end of January and at that time he was able to carry on with his stuff by himself.  Within a month he has become so weak. I just don't want him to suffer. He lived a very active life and on his own terms. To see him weak and dependent on others makes me very queasy. My prayers for him continue.