Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Day 8 - Dream Analysis

Remember my post about weird dreams I had last week.  I was discussing this with a friend at work and she gave me some insights on those.  She is from Trinidad and in her culture they are encouraged to remember dreams and discuss it over breakfast.  When I mentioned about the tooth falling out, she said it means that there is impending death in the family according to her culture. 

The ceiling falling down dream, she did  not know much about it but asked me to search on Google.  The first link that I opened said interpreted the dream as 'death of the man of the family.'  My dad is the man of the family for me.  I was quite disturbed by the findings but didn't know if it will come true since these were just dreams.

I think I kind of prepared myself because I never get such dreams.  I was wondering if something was subconsciously preparing me.  I was also amused that how my dreams have become westernized. I have never heard of such interpretations while growing up.  Maybe I never had these dreams for me to discuss about the meaning of it at any given time.

I read through my previous posts and cringed at quite a few places with regards to my grammar and sentence formation.  I am not proof reading any of these posts since these are my raw emotions pouring out.  I don't want to polish it before presenting as these are just for myself.  If I ever want to come back later and read them. 


  1. When you wrote about the teeth falling off dream, I thought that too. In our culture as well, it means impending death. I didn't want to mention it to you at that point.
    No, don't polish your writing. It is your blog, your place for catharsis. And some of us are here because we relate to that very same raw feeling we can relate to.

  2. I did not know that teeth falling is part of our culture too. Learnt something new today