Thursday, April 6, 2017


My dad read law books and law journals all the time.  The only other books he read were Reader's Digest or an occasional Illustrated Weekly.  He took care of his books well and expected the same from the people around him.  He never liked us folding the corners of pages or inverting the book while taking a break.  He said that the book spine gets weak if you invert an open book.  He made book marks at home and used them for all his books.  He cut wedding invitation card's decorative edges and made them into book marks.  He encouraged us to use book marks and distributed them to others too. 

My mom was mentioning this yesterday when she found a bunch of book marks while clearing out his desk.  She was telling me how such small things make her remember him for the perfectionist that he was.


  1. I am sure he has passed on the perfectionism to you.

  2. Yes. I am a perfectionist like him. I have come to expect perfectionism as a way of life that it is very hard for me accept any other way. Learning the hard way not to expect it from everyone.